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Why to Partner With St. Ann’s Management Company (SAMCI)

Our leadership brings over 20 years of knowledge and expertise within the medical billing and coding industry. Our insights and solutions can develop effective and efficient processes, along with correct billing practices to:

  • Maximize your reimbursement efficiency
  • Reduce bad debt
  • Decrease the amount of time your staff spends preparing, submitting, and following up on claims


Whether consulting on workflow, training your staff in medical billing, or assuming your full medical billing responsibility, SAMCI is the best partner to optimize your revenue cycle. 

St. Ann’s Management Company and their staff have been invaluable to our department, changing our revenue line from $800,000 to $1.2 million.

SAMCI President Adelaida Samuels, is honest, articulate, and detail oriented. She is a trusted advisor and thorough in her assessments and recommendations.

I recommend them unequivocally. 

– Carol Acomb, Program Administrator, Dept. of OB/GYN, UR Medicine


“Huther Doyle has been using SAMCI’s billing services for over a year and we are extremely happy with the attention we receive. The team assigned to our account is in constant communication with us and are always willing to help. They have assisted us in streamlining processes, ensuring all information is present and claims get out the door with ease. SAMCI is wonderful at working denied claims and advocating for us with the insurance companies. We are so thankful for the knowledge and skill they bring to the table. Thank you SAMCI!”
- Katie Serio, CPO, Huther Doyle

“We engaged with SAMCI a few years back to resolve many of the billing problems facing us, starting with the conversion error to both the new software and previous contracted billing providers incorrect setup. Several things need immediate attention, Ruby focused on the key points, mainly receivables that were still eligible for correction, coding issues, and front office set-up issues leading the way. In short, the number of issues reduced has been tremendous and cash flow has increased in direct proportion to our disallowed percentage in addition to the recovered unpaid claims. Training of our Billing Manager has been a great asset in moving us on the way to doing in-house billing, however even with our in-house billing ABC will continue to use SAMCI (Ruby) as a service provider, they have met and exceeded expectations.”
- Mike Winterhalter, Director of Operational Accounting, Action For A Better Community

“We have been a client of SAMCI since 2020 and have seen a significant improvement in our billing output along with an increase in our revenue. They have a great team of professionals who go above and beyond to stay up to date on regulation changes/updates and then provide us with the information we need to stay ahead of the game. Knowledgeable staff and excellent communication have allowed us to have a great partnership.”
- Jennifer Goodman, Director of Clinical Services, Mozaic

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